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Save humanity with Inferno to reduce CO2 emission and combat climate change/global warming. Just drop into your fuel tank and save money too.
We have to burn lesser carbon fuel and have cleaner air for future generations. Act now, before planet earth reaches a point of no return, as CO2 emission is fast reaching 445 ppm, and can have dire consequences to mankind on earth.

Mixing ratio for diesel 25ml. for 400 litres of diesel or 1 litres for 16000 litres of diesel.
Mixing ratio for gasoline 25ml. for 240 litres of gasoline or 1 litres for 9600 litres of gasoline.
Compatible with all biofuel and biodiesel, and further details on mixing ratio will be provided on request.

Let us take 1 litre of diesel cost US$1.00 each litre.
(NOT ALL countries are at ,US$1.00 per litre for diesel, some much cheaper).

1 Litre of infernofuel cost US$600.00, for mixing with 16000 litres of diesel for US$16000.00
Total cost to an operator or owner of equipment for infernofuel US$600 and 16000 lit.of diesel total, US$16600.00
A saving of 10% will be US$1660.00 (purchase at US$600 your return is US$ 1660.00)
A saving of 20% will be US$ 3320.00 (purchase at US$600 your return is US$ 3329.00)
A saving of 30% will be US$ 4980.00 (purchase at US$600 your return is US$ 4980.00)

The above tabulations may differ from country to country, and also depend on the cost of gasoline and diesel at the pump station, in the respective countries.The recommended retail price of infernofuel may vary from country to country too.

Fuel economy on any engine will depend also on age, maintenance, type, conditions of operation,lubrications and operators. The percentage of fuel economy may vary from country to country and from engine to engine. Even in the most adverse conditions of operations, with good maintenance ( according to manufacturer's operating manual) a minimum fuel economy of 10% saving is possible. Infernofuel is harmless to all engines, and will not affect any component in the combustion chamber or fuel system. As it is blended with palm or soya bean oil base, under strict lab environment.

We are at a critical stage of climate change and global warming, a collective effort to reduce carbon emission by humanity to act swiftly now. It is important to use infernofuel in all the industries of the world.
How Inferno Fuel Works

For any internal combustion engine, including gasoline and diesel engine, when the engine is operating, it generate VIBRATION. This vibration causes the STATIC ELECTRICITY occurring in the fuel system. The Static electricity plays an invisible role that increase the rate of fuel consumption.

Theoretically, a complete combustion formula can be written as follows:

In practice, fuel molecule is never completely burnt, as shown as follows:

This is because the Static electricity, occurred from vibration, induces fuel molecules to form a large fuel cluster.

When fuel is injected into combustion chamber, some molecules especially the one staying inside the fuel cluster,do not have the chance to contact with oxygen, then, these molecules are not burned and are released with exhaust gas. THESE FUEL ARE WASTED.

After adding INFERNO into the fuel tank, INFERNO will balance the Static electricity pole resulting that the fuel cluster is broken apart to become a single fuel molecule. Every single fuel molecule has chance to contact with oxygen and completely burnt.

Therefore, we can summarize the above phenomena as the following table.

Engine WITHOUT Inferno Engine WITH Inferno
Vibration Vibration
Static Electricity Static Electricity
  INFERNO balance pole
Fuel Form a large Fuel Cluster Fuel become a single molecule 
Fuel is not completely burnt Fuel is completely burnt 
less efficiency  higher efficiency
high fuel consumption rate  low fuel consumption rate (Saving range 5%-25%)
No good combustion Good efficient combustion
HIGH Smoke, CO2,CO, NOx  VERY LOW Smoke, CO2,CO,NOx
(Lesser carbon emission as lesser fuel is burn)

For a detailed illustration, download the Powerpoint on Inferno Fuel.

Powerpoint presentation to Indocement (99 MB)

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