Inferno Fuel  /  Product Benefits

  • Reduces GHG emission and gives more kilometres per litre
  • Compatible with fossil fuel, bio-fuel and biodiesel
  • Removes smog particulates, suitable for all industries
  • Blended with palm or soya bean oil base
  • Save cost and save the environment

    We are at a critical stage of climate change and global warming, a collective effort to reduce carbon emission by humanity to act swiftly now, to use infernofuel in all the industries of the World is important. Any percentage reduction in carbon emission will goes a long way to mitigate climate change and global warming. The use of infernofuel Worldwide, will go a long way to help mitigate climate change and global warming too. The United Nation and various scientific organisations, are calling to reduce fossil fuel consumption now, and to lower all carbon emissions urgently. Save $$$$ and save environment now. So that future generations will have a cleaner environment, and also survival on planet Earth.

    Inferno is a biofortified smart palm or soya bean oil base, additive blended with state of the art molecular technology to enhance combustion efficiency in all internal combustion engines running on diesel,gasoline,biofuel,kerosene, biodiesel and palmolein.Inferno reduces fuel consumption of about 10% or more, subject to condition and maintenance of any engine.Compatible for all industrial internal combustion engines and harmless to any engine or any components in the fuel system.

    Inferno does not alter nor change any fuel characteristics or properties after adding it.It breaks carbon molecules into higher combustiblity with higher efficiency to capitalise on the inefficiency of combustion in any engine.Inferno gives more kilometres per litre, and cut your monthly energy consumption bill. Feel the difference with Inferno.