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Our planet is facing an energy crisis. If nothing is done to reduce our dependence on crude oil, and if the human race is unable to find a viable alternative source of energy, the 1970's oil-shocks will look like a picnic! Most people remain oblivious to the fact that the supply of oil is struggling to keep up with rising global demand. And when you factor in the reality that over 60% of the world's top oil-producing nations are already past their peak output, the picture starts to cause some alarm. Now, I am not saying that our world is going to run out of oil tomorrow. Far from it! However, the rate at which we pump this stuff out from the ground is likely to enter an irreversible decline." (Source:Money Matters)

We have to cap the use of fossil fuel and constraint carbon emission for the benefits of future generations.

INFERNO enhances combustion efficiency to use lesser fuel and reduce ghg emission.
The only innovative fuel by molecular technology to give more kilometres per litre.

Compatible with fossil fuel, bio-fuel and biodiesel.
Fuel savings of about 10% or more.
Save $$$ and save the environment.

1 litre for 16000litres of diesel or 1 litre for 9600litres of gasoline.
Harmless and suitable for all industries.Remove smog particulates.
Blended with palm or soya bean oil base,under secret formulation without patent.